Friday, November 6, 2009

Our Brother in Christ

Though today some of us could not attend to today’s mass because of their exam, it is the last mass for the semester and we are celebrating the 32nd Sunday of the week in ordinary time. Today Father Jude’s homily is about gift in each of us, he said that each of every one of us has our own special talent and ability that the lord has given us and it is the greatest gift. So Father in his homily today urges us to see our own ability and use it wisely. Today is also a special day to our brother in Christ Raymond @ Bulet because today is his 21st birthday.” HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bullet.“ We had a kind of surprise birthday “dinner” to celebrate the day with 3 others born in the month of November, Lendee, Lohcin and Floria. Happy birthday you guys.

the celebrating people

the cake

the meals, the cake & the happy faces