Thursday, October 29, 2009

Last Gathering

Today is our NUCS last gathering of the year and to be said the best gathering of the semester too. That night might be the most memorable night especially to all the outgoing seniors because tonight will also be their last Thursday night gathering with all the other members. As usually done during our gathering, we sing praise and worship songs and read today’s readings with little sharing from the members but tonight as special as it is we celebrate the night to spend and enjoy that moment especially for and with the outgoing seniors so tonight everyone brought light refreshment A.K.A. snacks and soft drinks we even moved a little bit from our usual spot for this special night. Everyone is enjoying their time tonight because next week our exam month will begin part of just spending that precious moment for it will never come again after the outgoing seniors graduated.

some of NUCS'S went kayaking before the gathering


happy faces with the foods

happy faces during sing along

closing prayer by Bruno