Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Blind Side

Do you remember about the blind spot that we learned in Science subject during secondary school? As far as we understood, it limits our sight. Yet, science teaches us how to overcome it as people got creative and innovative to invent side mirrors.
Well, this is life. As we undergo different phases in life, we are unaware that we often make wrong moves. Moves that somehow would lead to unintentional mistakes. Luckily enough, we have someone who is actually look out and help us to be prudent in our actions and repent for our mistakes in life; Jesus Christ.
But, what if those are not mistakes? That those are consequences from others' actions? And yet, how would you judge? Simply judging and underestimating other human being are not the solutions. Jesus Christ, who died for our sins, humbly let Himself being sacrificed. By that, He shows how much He cares for us.
We should care for one another. Family, friends, even strangers. Why? Because of God's unconditional love. Everyone deserves love.
By the way, The Blind Side, a movie that touches hearts of people, is a movie that will move you. It is worth to spend some time in front of your laptop to have a look on this movie. Hopefully you will gain something from it. For me, it helps me to perceive life as who I want to be in life. Enjoy watching, NUCS!